Reclaiming Rock Saw Oil

With the increased cost of saw oil, it is all the more important to reclaim the dirty oil in your saw, as well as an ecological imperative to minimize this type of waste. As we know, oil doesn’t wear out, so if we keep it clean, it will last indefinitely.

Here are a couple of methods to reclaim 85 to 90 percent of your oil. Use a stock tank or barrel with legs fitted off the bottom of the tank. Inside the tank, insert a false bottom of metal elevated a foot or so off the bottom of the tank. Install a valve at the bottom of the tank to drain off the clean oil after processing.

When your saw oil gets dirty, clean out the sludge and pour it into a common ordinary paper grocery bag(s) and set it on the false bottom of the tank. The oil is filtered as it seeps through the sides of the paper bag leaving the sludge in the bag and the clean oil at the bottom of the tank.

Another way for reclaiming saw oil uses two five-gallon plastic buckets. Drill a number of •••â€– holes every two inches or so in the bottom of one of the buckets. Place one large paper grocery sack in this bucket, which will act as a filter. Place a large metal coffee can face down in the bottom bucket to keep the top bucket suction free and easy to lift and drain off the oil in the bottom bucket. Pour the dirty oil in the paper sack and let it drain.

Warm weather or a heated shop will speed up the process. Trim off the edges of the paper sack and cover the five gallon bucket with a bucket lid or place a piece of cardboard over the top to cover the oil. You can drain the oil, easily, from the bottom bucket as it collects by switching the top bucket to another bucket and then continue the settling or filtering process.

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