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We're so glad you're here! Do you love all kinds of rocks? From agates to geodes and crystals? How about gemstone cabochons and minerals? So do we!

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Rockhounds, geologists, families, students, miners... - if you're into rocks, you'd probably be in to the Wasatch Gem Society!We have monthly meetings, rockhounding field trips, newsletters, get-togethers, and social media so you can stay involved with the club!

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Objectives of Wasatch Gem Society

The objectives of this organization shall be:

    1. To stimulate interest in the collecting of gem material, minerals, and fossils.
    2. The cutting and polishing of gem material and related arts and crafts.
    3. To disseminate knowledge of the lapidary arts, the collection and classification of minerals and fossils and their application to arts and crafts, so that 
        greater satisfaction and pleasure can be derived from participation in these activities.
    4. To actively protect gemstone, mineral, and fossil deposits for hobby use including the location and acquisition of mining claims and other properties 
        for non-commercial purposes.
    5. This corporation is not formed for profit and none of its assets shall be used for the pecuniary gain or profit of an individual who is or may become 
        a member thereof.
    6. All of the assets, properties, and funds of the corporation shall be devoted to the furtherance of the primary objectives and purposes of the corporation.
    7. These purposes and objectives are basically educational and scientific and within reasonable limits incidental thereto recreational and social and 
        concerned with the advancement of its members and of the public along these lines.
        NEW MAILING ADDRESS: WGS CLUB 4551 Hercules Dr., West Valley, Utah 84120